Quantum Computer for Non computer techies!!!

Quantum Computers.

Disclaimer: “Not computer science techies”

Gone are the era of supercomputers and supercomputing, it’s the era of ‘Quantum computing’. Well don’t be overwhelmed with the term, it’s fine if you have heard it for the first time. Big Techies like Google, IBM…

Calculating the normal stresses of a bike crank using Ansys Simulation Software.

Being an apprentice mechanical engineer, I always wonder how the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom being applied in real life. What impact do they cause? How do you analyse them? Is building prototypes for testing is a feasible option for the MNC’s? These are some of the questions which…

“Some things are really done for a purpose which you would never figure out or appreciate. When you look back you are startled and understand the real purpose. Its not karma I’m talking about but latent energy that impels you to do”.

Ahalya Kumar

Apprentice Mechanical Engineer. Component Design Analyst.

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